Preparing for haulout

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Thu 10 Oct 2019 12:35
Northern Yacht Club
Been very busy, working with the weather to get the boat ready to be hauled out.
The yacht club is just that - a club and not a boat yard, they have a man who works the hoist, otherwise it’s all diy. Not quite what we had in mind! .
Everyone is very friendly and helpful. A couple from Newfoundland, Duncan and Renee have taken us under their wing and are full of good tips. Someone else, Alan, has picked up 12 blocks 3ft x6inch x 6 inch(very little metric here!)in his truck and lent us his boat stands to check for size before we have to buy our own! There’s always a first! The boat sits on the blocks and need to be high enough for F( note F!) to be able to get underneath to do the antifouling!
No hire car until Tuesday due to Celtic Colours Festival, not been a problem as it turns out as we can walk or cycle to town to hardware stores and R has kindly been our milk lady.
We helped D and R to take off their mast before they were lifted out. Glad already decided to leave ours up as would have had to hire a crane.
Calm enough to wash the salt off the sails with fresh water. The Genoa had to be unfurled and then dropped, before hosing down both sides and raising again without letting any breeze fill the sail. Did the same with the main, washing and hauling, washing and hauling until it was fully up. Sod’s Law - had to drop the main and furl the Genoa as the wind got up. Clean sails but wet! Anyway, one step at a time.