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Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Fri 17 Nov 2017 02:13
17th Nov 17
Cracking sail round to Green Island, in the huge Nonsuch Bay, for lunch. Saw a couple of rays leaping out if the water. Then round to Brown's Bay. We had hoped to visit an arts centre, bar and restaurant called Harmony Hall, in an old sugar mill. But a sign on the jetty said "closed for renovation" and some locals told us it had been closed for over a year and no work was being done. It doesn't even have a roof at the moment, so all a bit sad.
We dinghied round to the supposedly "exclusive" Nonsuch Bay Resort" and managed to photo-bomb a wedding on the beach. Couldn't have been that exclusive, as the groom and bride's father were wearing trainers with dinner suits. At least the wedding album will have an interesting couple of shots of two distinctive, ageing hippies in an inflatable boat, as background to the bride and bridesmaids doing the "Dick Emery Walk" along the sand in stilettos. Weird having a wedding on the beach with the other hotel guests dotted around, on sun loungers.