What a mess

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Sun 22 May 2022 21:19

Arrived at the boat this morning to this.image0.jpeg
Splattered everywhere!  A did expect as much, being surrounded by nesting birds. Can’t wait to be back in the water. Rumour has it that the hoist engine needs repairing. Hope that doesn’t mean a delay but at least we won’t be the first to put it to the test. The boat behind us has to be moved before we can go anywhere. 
Testing times today trying to remember where everything goes and which order lines need to go on, not to mention all the pulleys - had to resort to looking at a photo. At least all major lines had been labelled. 
Industrial Jubilee Clips bought as an interim strengthening measure for the boom vang until we source a replacement on go. 
Took a midday break to shop as early closing on Sundays and tomorrow is a holiday -Victoria Day. Even more bird splatter on our return. A losing sense of humour.