Room with a view and laundry

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Sat 25 Aug 2018 21:54
Onset Harbor 41:44.3N 070:39.6W
Sunset was indeed beautiful, but slow progress this morning across Buzzard’s Bay. Little wind again so mostly under engine. 

Had read about ospreys nesting in strange places. These chose a red starboard hand marker (in the US)  as their “Des Res” to bring up their offspring. 

Approaching Cape Cod Canal at this marker we saw the full force of the tide. Our speed over the ground at this point was 1.6 knots, once we turned into the Onset channel it went up to 5.2! Timing will be crucial tomorrow when we go through the canal. 

Remember those sturdy IKEA bags? Put to good use again today. Completely out of clean clothes so had to be done. Arrived at laundromat at 2:15 to be told they closed at 3! Decided to do the wash, could have left it all to be dried tomorrow but then we would have had to pay another day’s mooring fee on the buoy and the wind is good tomorrow but drops again on Monday. What to do? Heard there was another laundromat near Stop and Shop, plus shuttle bus -Gatcha this time. Waited 20 mins then decided on Uber. Only 1 in the area, had to wait 25 mins. $10 wash, $12Uber, $10 dryer,  luckily Gatcha for return. 
F thought he’d pop to Stop and Shop and buy a few beers- now down to one on board. He came back chuckling- not a drop of liquor in sight. It would have to be a trip to the liquor store- not happening with two heavy bags on a trolley. Massachusetts is a big state, we’re going to have to get used to this. 
Funny what can start a conversation. Today, it was those very same IKEA bags, as we were transporting the laundry back to the dinghy. An older lady said how surprisingly useful the bags were. They, too, are on a sailing boat from further north and will be transiting the Cape Cod Canal tomorrow. We  gleaned a few more travel tips.