Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Mon 27 Aug 2018 19:00
Where to start?  Today wasn’t quiet but certainly more so than yesterday afternoon when F went alone ashore to explore. As he had already done a recce he was the tour guide!
We had a long day of walking, exploring, browsing and taking photographs.
Ptown  is so attractive with a huge variety of houses but all built traditionally in the New England clapboard style.
First the west end, which is the touristy part with shops and restaurants, but that soon becomes residential with private houses as well as many guest houses and holiday accommodation. Note the names!
There is a big Portuguese influence here: Portuguese Square, a portuguese bakery and restaurants. Many Portuguese came and settled here from The Azores and even Cape Verde. The flag is much in evidence too. 
On the recommendation of a local sailor, who lives on board in the summer and rents out his home here in Ptown( smart chap), had Happy Hour tapas with a view, from 3-5pm; a good ruse for restaurants to keep the punters in during a normally quiet time.  No sign of Happy Hour prices though. 

Ptown is host to a huge number of festivals celebrating and reflecting the diverse history and make-up of this unique town: Arts, LGBTQ, theater, history, holiday. The remnants of the recent carnival were still to be seen. 
The east end has the majority of the vast number of galleries again reflecting the huge diversity of the town. It was a much quieter and calmer area. 
Very taken by some of the wonderful photographers. One temporary installation has remained for 12 years. Family faces at the entrance to the harbour looking out for the fishermen. 
Needed to have my bangs trimmed and spotted a hairdresser accepting walk-ins. Didn’t ask the price beforehand- stupid!  Paid max £7 in the past( expensive!), here they asked fo $20 for a 3 minute job- only able to knock them down to $15. Felt well and truly ripped off, but feeling less like the Dulux dog. 
Met a senator from Vermont , a Democrat, who had set up an easel on one of the wharves, he kindly offered to swap Trump for May. F refused his kind offer but said we could let him have Boris and Nigel on a non-return basis.