Too much information

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Thu 3 Nov 2016 08:16
27:12.9N 21:16.9W
OK! I lied slightly about the coin toss, although it would probably have been just as accurate. We are using a weather routing app. which takes the downloaded GRIB (weather) file and in combination with a table of the boats speed v wind (polar plot), suggests a route which will make best use of the forecast weather. Trouble is, the forecast keeps changing and it now looks like the southern route round the Canaries would be best. Still time to change our route, so I'll make a decision when I have looked at the weather download when I send this.
Bet Christopher Columbus never had this problem.
It's a bit of a desert in this part of the Ocean. We have only seen one, single, solitary, bird in the last 4 days. At the moment it is a flat calm and the engine is running. Although, I can see a line of storm clouds (line squall) off to the north, on the radar.
Think I'll go an do a bit of fishing, before it rains.