Here’s hoping......

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Sat 1 Sep 2018 22:22
Visited The Pilgrim Hall Museum yesterday and saw some of the artefacts from The Mayflower, including a beautiful basket-ware cradle for Oceanus (!) Hopkins, the only baby born during the historic voyage.  Labour Day weekend here, so everyone is on holiday. Unlike in the UK on Bank Holidays, the weather is glorious. But ENE winds so not stifling. 
Had our own Labour Day-  cleaning, sorting, stowing, polishing ready for friends arriving next weekend. 
image1.jpegAnchored in the Cowyard, off Clark’s Island near the entrance to Plymouth. The Pilgrims ran aground here (unplanned) and we intend to do so tomorrow (planned). Need to check anodes and try and remove some of very large barnacles, mussels? oysters? weed and more weed. 
Went forth in the dinghy to check out the really shallow spot, marked it on the chart and took GPS readings. Informed Harbour Master of plans. In the past, drying out has caused considerable consternation so just in case ........we don’t want anyone to call the coastguard! Watch this space!
Throughout  The Caribbean and The Bahamas unable to dry out as  very little tide. Here 3 m tide. Only the very top of this starboard (US) hand marker is visible at high water.