Life at an angle.

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Sat 29 Oct 2016 08:42
20:05.1N 22:03.7W
We are now at 20°N but also at 20° from the horizontal, so everything is on a slant and likely to be so for the next week. The floor, tables, bed, loo; it gives even the most basic of tasks an added level of complication. But, It's quite remarkable how quickly you get used to the rhythm of a long passage and living a more angled and basic lifestyle. It's also quite eco friendly. I didn't install a water-maker (desalination unit) so we have to be careful with our fresh water. The sink has a sea water pump for washing dishes, cooking vegetables, pasta and boiling eggs. Even our showers are mostly sea water with a fresh water rinse. We're still using the same gas cylinder which we bought before we left the Canaries and the solar panels and wind generator provide most of the electrical power. With such constant winds we are sailing most of the time and have hardly used the engine. The little dinghy outboard uses so little petrol that we haven't filled the 10 litre jerry can this year. That'll all change when we get back home in November.!!