It's a small Ocean

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Tue 21 Feb 2017 07:07
15:39N 044:26W @ 06:30 GMT

Wind F2-3 E, backing in a few gusts. No Squalls. Clear sky. Forecast: Winds to increase slightly today then drop to 5 knots by Wednesday for 24 hours. Wind could be slightly stronger south of our Rhumb Line course. (GFS Grib file based prediction)

The radio crackled into life after 17 days of silence. We keep it on permanently as it acts a the receiver and alarm if one of us goes overboard and the MOB1 device in our life jackets is activated. I tried calling friends who left from the Cape Verdes about a week ago. We hadn't coordinated our departures so the chances of contact were slim. Not only did we have a lovely chat but I could see their sails just popping up over the horizon. If we had, had a drone we could have shared drinks and snacks (hope Father Christmas reads this)

The night watches have been spectacular recently with such clear skies. A. saw a shooting star last night and the moon has been lighting up our patch of ocean like daytime. Although, it is now in the last quarter so not so much light from now on at night.

The Mahi curry was excellent, the firm texture works well cooked like that. Still got two steaks to go.

For John (my brother). That Times cryptic crossword clue that stumped you "Aged Sauces As Liquers" it's an anagram for a Scottish delicacy. I'll say no more.