Bras d’Or or Brass Monkey

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Fri 20 Sep 2019 11:53
45:39.3N 60:53.28W
Woke up at 6 am yesterday to see 8 degrees down below. May have failed to note that, although we do have heating, would be foolish to use it, as our batteries, very well managed by F, are failing rapidly. A theme here with batteries?
Reminiscent of childhood days getting partly dressed in bed!
Beautiful view as we looked out from the companionway.

JPEG image

So still and the rising mist was very atmospheric. A confused woodpecker landed on one of the spreaders, half expected it to try to bore into the mast. Looks very similar to the stripped trees trunks.
Clearing windscreen of dew and condensation, discovered the coach roof was covered in ice. Sail cover frozen too. Only Mid September !!Brrr! Lovely view though!

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Planned to go on to Cape Breton in 2 longish days. Checked forecast.
Strong winds forecast and big seas by Friday afternoon. Then we saw this.

PNG image

Just one hurricane after another! Seas not too rough when finally out at sea but wind on nose, tacked for 8 hours making little headway, so made 2 decisions. Engine on and keep going to St Peter’s Canal and Cape Breton.
Winds dropped, sea became calm and ultimately glassy. Beautifully clear starlit night( almost on a par with those of the Atlantic Crossing) and a bright moon helped us navigate the channel markers. Did spot an unlit one which had been hit. Arrived soon after midnight without mishap.
Cruising guide recommended tying up on the concrete wharf, next to the lock, if arriving late. Long lines required as bollards away from the edge and agile crew to scale vertical ladder to take the lines. Quickly realised crew not very agile at that time of night;
an anchorage would be easier and preferable, so turned left instead of right at last waypoint and had peaceful but very cold night.