Hot, hot, hot.

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Fri 7 Sep 2018 00:07
Boston  42:21.6N 071:02.8W
Up early and more scrubbing, this time in the cockpit. Stainless polished on Tuesday. Trying to spruce her up for guests, also less to do when we put her to bed in October. 
Left Hull Bay on the ebb making 7 knots over the ground. Short lived! Made way up the channel to Boston, against the tide, so only making 3 -4 knots. So slow had lunch underway. Arrived at Boston Waterboat Marina -34 degrees on deck and down below. 

Awesome position on a buoy overlooking the waterfront. 
Had a quick explore before intending to do the dreaded laundry. Found a very good grocery store that will deliver - result! only to the dock though, but we can transport in the dinghy. 
The harbour walk looks very pleasant. Looking forward to exploring further at weekend. 
Found a very good bar for a beer, tables outside but everyone was indoors enjoying the aircon.  Unfortunately, thunder, lightning and the heavens opened so stayed put a little longer, then braved the elements - it is after all warm rain, and found Quincy Market with its plethora of food stalls. Impressive buildings and open spaces. Think Boston will suit us. Laundry has had to wait. 
First rain in about 3 weeks. Now watching the track of Hurricane Florence with interest (understatement!) looked as though would make landfall in our area, but seems less likely now, but still too soon to be certain. Really quite nerve wracking  but we have a contingency plan. Have found a buoy in a hurricane hole near Portsmouth. If necessary we’ll all have to go into a hotel.