Work, eat, sleep, repeat.

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Fri 24 Sep 2021 11:51
Sad- only soup tonight, no sign of an Italian feast, although he did seem pretty insistent. It might still arrive…
Not a real hardship, though, as the owner of the motel and his wife cooked a delicious 4 course meal last night- soup, salad, cod and pavlova A real treat. Great food and super company, possibly why we didn’t achieve a huge amount today. A puts it down to the heat and very little breeze.
A little more oiling of wood, removal of glue, split pins found and fitted to the prop. Back stays removed, to test the new stainless toggles in readiness for going in the hoist. The new back stays are too short to easily reattach and hence need to extend. Toggles an expensive failure, but bought a couple of shackles from local fishing store instead. Result.
A refreshing beer enjoying the sun before finishing for the day.
A “strong look” from A, about to go shopping.

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