Following in the Pilgrims’ footsteps

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Thu 30 Aug 2018 01:10
Plymouth 41:57.44N 070:39.58W
Left Ptown quite late but benefitted from the wind which gets up in the afternoon. Even had to put a couple of reefs in and had a cracking sail across. 
The Pilgrims only stayed on Long Point, Provincetown for 5 weeks- time for the women to do their laundry, as one mural depicted! Nothing changes!!!!!
The peninsula marking the entrance to what would have been a very tricky harbour for the Pilgrims. We had the benefit of following the red and green buoys through the various channels up to Plymouth Town Wharf. 
Had wind and tide against us, specifically half tide when the current is at its strongest. This lighthouse marked a shoal patch where channels separated and the water here was “boiling” at this state of the tide.
We  have more and more respect for the Pilgrims’ safe arrival in Plymouth. Will find out more about them tomorrow. 
Discovered a useful app called Dockwa via which you can book moorings, not often possible in other countries. Normally it is the usual “bun fight” for a first come, first served mooring, which makes for rather apprehensive arrivals, particularly when, like here, there is no anchoring allowed.