Thaaarr she blows!!

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Sat 18 Feb 2017 07:43
16:32N 039:14W @ 07:30 GMT

Wind E F3-F4, seas now moderated, only one v minor squall in night. Still goose winged with triple reefed main and poled out staysail but still maintaining 5-6kn. Forecast light winds from Tuesday.

We had a visit from a large school of whales yesterday evening. Pretty sure they were pilot whales from their hooked dorsal fin and bulbous head. About twice the size of the largest dolphin, and lots off them. We have seen them in groups of 4 or so around the Canaries where the tripper boat skippers feed them but this was exceptional. They seemed to come in waves (no pun intended) of about 6-8 and swam right by the boat but didn't linger or play like dolphins, as they seemed intent on getting somewhere. I don't think it was just the same lot going round and round.