Busy day

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Thu 9 Feb 2017 13:09
21:23N 24:24W
One ship and the largest school (pod?) of dolphins we've ever seen. Dozens of them (could easily have been a hundred)! Just like surfers, they swam round to catch the crest of a large wave then slid down the face, just under the surface. Others used the wave to gain extra height then jumped out of it and down into the trough. They seemed to be doing it just for fun and our entertainment and it looked like they were getting the same thrill as surfers. They were around for about half an hour and we could even hear them through the metal hull of the boat. There is a technique for photographing dolphins and we got some excellent shots of sea, waves and horizon with hardly a dolphin in sight. So any advice most welcome!
Still progressing well; heading WSW, just north of the Cape Verdes. The large swell coming from the North makes it uncomfortable at times but the forecast is for it to moderate. We could have gone faster, with constant F5-F6 winds, but most gear failure results from over pressing the boat and the next boatyard is 2000 miles away. So, we will keep to our 120 miles a day (5-6kn) especially at night.