Happy Anniversary!!

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Fri 17 Feb 2017 06:17
16:33N 036:50W @06:00GMT
F6 E with Gusts of F7 ENE/E in occasional squalls with rain. Winds forecast to moderate but seas to become higher for a time today at 3.4m

Had been sailing well with poled out Staysail to starboard and triple reefed main to port. But with seas getting bigger we were beginning to speed up too much on the downslope, for a night passage, so rolled Staysail away. Still doing 7 - 8 occasionally.

Where would you like to spend our 38th wedding anniversary? Oh... somewhere warm said A.....
Perhaps not what she had envisaged: 1000 miles from anywhere, sleep deprived, on a roller coaster ride with the occasional bucket of water in the face. Could have stayed at home and taken turns to climb into the washing machine. Never mind, we have a half bottle of bubbly and duck confit waiting, for lunch, so not all bad (the full bottle is on ice for our arrival). Thanks for agreeing to come on the trip, best present ever!!