New dinghy

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Fri 8 Dec 2017 08:00
Still at anchor in Pointe-à-Pitre

Hired a car to drive round to the main industrial area where all the chandlers are located. We have finally decided to buy a new dinghy RIB and outboard. AB inflatables seem to be the craft of choice for the long term cruiser. We decide on a very small 2.5m RIB and a 4HP outboard which is the maximum specified for that boat. We agree to collect it on the Monday and A drives back to the marina and I take the new machine on its maiden voyage 1mile across the bay. The outboard steering develops a worrying squeak which develops into a serious graunching noise by the end of the day. So back across, just before they close and they have little choice but to swap the outboard for a another new one. Result!! I suspect if I'd given them more time they would have tried to repair it.