A bit like Wind in the Willows

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Thu 14 Dec 2017 15:00
Ilet a Couchons
16:13.2N 16:32.4W

Ilet a Couchons, across the bay, is an odd place. It seems to be the preserve of long-term liveaboards. Boats that look like they have been here for years; all of their stuff on deck either drying or just to make space below. Loads of water and diesel containers and ancient, well patched dinghies in various stages of inflation or deflation. Wonder if any of them want a pet rat?

Another night cooped-up inside and as soon as the sun went down it was out. I watched it and noted its preferred route. We carefully placed the traps and sticky boards, baited them with ratty delicacies and went to bed. Next morning, NOTHING!! The little bugger avoided everything, it pinched the food, and hid it in various dark corners.

War was declared and we moved the sticky boards and traps around, covered our radar arch in glue and blocked all escape routes. We hoisted the mainsail, where we were sure it was spending the day, and it shot out. It ran down the outside radar support, the one without the glue, and hid inside the steering binnacle. It's a long harrowing story, involving the trident, a whistle, pans to bang together and a kettle of boiling water. Despite our best efforts the rat survived, slipped down the cockpit drain and swam off towards the island. But, it was off the boat!! We hastily weighed anchor and headed back to Ilet de Gosier. The Italians caught theirs a few days later (and theirs was INSIDE the boat). Rats seem to be a big problem in Guadeloupe at the moment. It took 2 days to remove all the glue and thoroughly disinfect the boat. Just in time for C's arrival. We won't mention it though; better if she just reads about it later.