Last Leg

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Mon 7 Nov 2016 09:01
28:39.2N 14:12.4W

Just over 30 miles to go, so we should be back in Puerto Calero marina by early afternoon.
Another downpour last night (again; after Anne went to bed!!), but at least all the sails were up this time so they all received a wash.
Our last sail for a few months was very pleasant. Apart from the occasional isolated rainclouds, it was clear, starlit and the sea was so flat that we glided through the night in silence; watching the lights of one island fade away and the next to slowly creep up over the horizon. Always good to finish off with something relaxing and enjoyable to remember rather than a hair-raising (I wish) bash through horrible seas and a feeling of "well I'm not doing that again!".
Excellent planning on the food front (compliments to the chief victualler!). We have eaten really well and the fridge is almost empty. The lockers and bilges are still full of tins, jars and dried food so we could have gone-on for weeks yet. The sailors food of last-resort (only if caught in a 3-day storm and can't prepare anything else) "the pot noodle" will hopefully outlive us both, unopened: they certainly have a longer best-before date.
Next we have a week or so of laundry, repairs, cleaning, washing ropes and stowing all the sails, canvas and anything else which will be attacked by the UV whilst we are away. Oh good!!