Unexpected jobs

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Wed 3 Jul 2019 12:54
Saturday 22nd June
It took us a long time, this trip, to get into the zone, not least because of jet lag. Had a week in the hotel which afforded some luxury compared with the boat but then had to cope with living and not just working amongst chaos with tools everywhere.
A few casualties over the winter. Discovered a crack in the plastic windscreen of the spray hood expertly repaired by F and a leak from one of the windows which still needs to be sealed.
Rather that getting better, things got significantly worse yesterday and today with the long overdue purchase of a new loo. Different brand from original. Different fit. Rusty screws after 11 years of use. All in a very confined space. Houdini springs to mind. All those engineers and DIYers out there will appreciate the problem.
A and F have both lost the will to live, fortunately never at the same time.

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But we have also had lots of pleasant distractions from hard work. Various people we met last year have taken us out for drinks and meals- a great change from microwave meals, but it is always early, about 5:30. A great excuse not to work into the evening though.
Last night was a Mexican restaurant with Willy and Randee again.
Weather has been very mixed. It has been kind to us though when we have had to work outside. But we’ve had a couple of days of intermittent thunderstorms with torrential rain. Hope that’s the last of it!
Plan is to return hire car on Tuesday morning and finally leave on Wednesday. Here’s hoping!