The mark of Zoro

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Mon 31 Oct 2016 08:00
22:46.5N 22:26.1W
Do you remember Zoro? That swashbuckling, sword wielding hero from the 50s/60s. Well he's on my boat and keeps leaving his irritating little trademark "Z" on my plotter screen. We have been bashing to windward for almost 4 days now and the wind is NW (as usual, just where we want to be) and the only way of getting to the Canaries is to zig zag there. A slow process at the best of times, but the wind has been 15-20 knots and has built up a lumpy sea and we are bashing into every 4th wave, which slows us down a bit. 15-20 knots would be perfect if we could have it from any other angle than head-on, but if you add our boat speed we are feeling an apparent wind of 20-25 knots which is just slightly higher than is comfortable. Can't even fish because the motion of the boat makes it too dangerous to be dancing around on the bathing platform trying to land the catch (right!).
Steadily working our way through our stock of books and podcasts though and at least we are not paying marina fees for the privilege.