Rain, rain go away.....

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Wed 19 Sep 2018 00:52
We got torrential rain! Thankfully, no gales.
Expected to be holed up for the whole of yesterday but skies cleared by midday, so off in the dinghy, 15 mins upriver, to hire a car. Our objective, to buy a comprehensive cruising guide to Maine. Our present one covering the entire area north of Chesapeake is distinctly lacking in detail. Success.
Today’s task- to check out boatyards for winter boat storage. Drove here, there and everywhere. Saw three and have decided on one with a sailmaker on site- to repair the torn cruising chute and to wash, check and store the other sails. Also specialists in Volvo engines- another plus.
Discovered a wonderful baker nearby. Bought fresh sourdough bread and a wild blueberry pie- another Maine speciality. Delish.
Chance encounters and conversations have made this trip. A casual question in a supermarket today led to emails being exchanged and a promise to visit, share drinks as well as sailing experiences. Nancy, you are in the diary.