New York!

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Fri 3 Aug 2018 19:24
Atlantic Highlands 
40:24.9N 074:01.3W
Four days to the minute we sailed past Sandy Hook, the southern entrance to New York Harbour. 500.85 nautical miles. A good uneventful passage other than navigation bulbs needing to be replaced at 1am this morning. 
A was woken by banging- first test to see if they would work, second was to test the bulbs. Both were dead. One in the bow and one astern. F tethered to the boat leaning off the back to reach the unit. A holding the unit and screwdriver( usual job) ensuring neither fell in the water. Job done successfully and we were legal again. 
We were expecting the New York harbour approach to be particularly busy so we wanted to be seen. As it turned out, there was less traffic than in The Solent but better safe than sorry!

Beautiful sunrise to greet us on our approach. 
Sunshine didn’t last long but never thought we’d see Manhattan from our own boat!

Soon after this photo was taken, the coastguard called us up on the VHF RADIO- “motor vessel Scot Free “ I suppose correct really, as we were under engine. They very efficiently checked all our details, asked how long the sail had taken and where we would be anchoring before sending us on our way. 
Now safely at anchor outside Atlantic Highlands Marina ready to take their water taxi ashore.