A Houdini moment

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Mon 27 Nov 2017 08:00
16:18.46N 61:47.84W

27th Nov 2017
Deshaies, Guadeloupe - at anchor.

Back to the bay where Catherine's Bar, of Death in Paradise fame, is located. They do a good rum punch, mobile phones think it's Europe, the supermarket sells cheese that doesn't need a mortgage and baguettes are €1.
It's said that cruising is mostly doing boat maintenance in nice places: they forgot to mention the heat. One job outstanding, was to fit the last remaining fan in the starboard aft cabin, to make it pleasant for our Christmas visitors. The identical port cabin was a doddle, when I did it last year. There was a handy 12v supply cable inside the headlining; not the starboard cabin. You need to be a contortionist with Houdini skills to get wiring through the impossibly tight spaces on a boat and in 30° it's a great way to loose weight. Four hours later, job done and off to the bar to rehydrate. Fantastic sunset.