Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Thu 6 Sep 2018 01:44
Hull Bay
It’s been a very frustrating couple of weeks. Skipper lost hearing in one ear and religiously applied oil drops, but to no avail. Suggested we could wear our Bluetooth “marriage saver” headsets all the time- great kit, usually used when anchoring with one person at the bows and other at the helm; avoids need for shouting and/or hand signals. Suggestion didn’t go down too well so another solution had to be found.
 A walk-in clinic at a pharmacy 12 miles away was the destination today. Left the dinghy at Hull Yacht Club, renowned for being very friendly, and they were. 
Very clever design of lobster trap seat adorned the deck.  Love the drinks holders at the side. 

Just missed the bus, only once an hour, so Uber again and half an hour later arrived. No queue - amazing. Not only is hearing now restored, albeit selective, after syringing, but oxygen levels checked, blood pressure measured, temperature taken and given clean bill of health. What more could you want for $99? 
Have met some delightful people on our travels and everyone is very helpful when it comes to the terminally bewildered endeavouring to travel by bus! We asked a chap about buses back to Hull, in fact we needed 3. Spent half an hour in his company and all felt very cheered by time spent together. He took us under his wing got us on the first bus, told us where to get off. 30 mins wait in full sun for next one; hot and weak with hunger arrived in Hingham centre, had to change again. 
Another chap overheard us talking to driver about bus to Hull, he stepped in and gave us a timetable and also a recommendation for lunch. After a bite of lunch hopped on final bus, arrived back at dinghy and once on board, both had to have a nap. All this travel and excitement wiped us out. 
Off to Boston tomorrow and friends arrive Saturday so food shopping and laundry await again!