Super Pep required!

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Sun 15 Sep 2019 20:19
44:57.36N62:6.55.W Marie Joseph Harbour
Left Halifax yesterday morning, very nippy, but glorious sunshine, gently motored down the Northwest Arm, avoiding the enthusiastic rowers and large amounts of debris, remnants of Hurricane Dorian. The birds found a use for this chunk of wood.

JPEG image

Had a chat on the VHF radio with the OCC Commodore who was going into Halifax, probably to the berth we had just vacated. Would have been good to meet and exchange stories but the winds were from the SW, making for a good sail. Hope to meet up in the winter, in the UK.
Winds 20-25 knots and swell was 1-2 metres - A soon realised she didn’t have her sea legs, so had to retire to her bunk and F practised his single handed sailing.