Now wasps

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Wed 13 Oct 2021 11:34
Nearly there, but unable to move down below, cushions everywhere. The last couple of days are always a testing time particularly for A.
Fresh water system winterised with antifreeze pumped through. Spares checked and listed. F spotted sitting gnome-like in the aft cabin, dictating a list to his phone. His dry comment afterwards- his phone understands him better than A does!
A at somewhat of a loose end, back to standing and handing - whatever required.
Final straw, got stung by a wasp on her finger when picked up some clothes. Ouch! Lots of them around lurking everywhere.
Met up with the American couple from their boat, Splice for a small beer to exchange plans. They were able to come back to their boat mid August so have enjoyed the good weather in the water.
Sadly no sign of the wrap man, expect it will be done after departure.