Friday morning

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Fri 30 Sep 2016 06:53
20:19.9N 22:18.7W

The wind is so light now (less than 10 knots) that the brilliant WindPilot (wind-vane steering system) has given up trying. The only wind it doesn't like, is a light, following, wind and that's what we've got. Once the boat is moving, the apparent wind speed drops to less than 5 knots. So, on with the hydraulic autopilot (thank goodness I found all the bits). Keeping a regular check on that nyloc nut, though, but it seems OK.

We set up the spinnaker pole, before dark, last night and then our largest, lightest, sail, the cruising chute. With the wind so light and from almost directly behind, even the light cruising chute refuses to stay filled without help from the pole.

My fishing record remains almost unblemished, a clean sheet. Even the flying fish have stopped surrendering, in disgust. However, a very kind Frenchman gave me an excellent tip to ensure that we would never be short of fish once we reach Cape Verde. He advised that we buy a quantity of various smallish sized hooks (apparently difficult to find in Cape Verde). A few of these can then be bartered, with the local fishermen, each day, for fresh fish. I bought about 100 hooks, before we left. I like fish.