The generosity of strangers, possibly

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Wed 22 Sep 2021 20:49
Weather still glorious and perfect for outdoor jobs. Cockpit cleaned and table oiled, prop cleaned and reinstalled.

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Port side decks attacked, but despite 2 applications of anti-skid deck cleaner the only things clean were A’s knees and they, certainly, were slipping and sliding but are now well abraded and beautifully smooth.
The interior has definitely survived the last two years better.
Two Italian-Canadians pitched up for a look round the club and a chat to anyone who would listen. F made the mistake of asking where the best Italian food was to be had, locally. The “larger” of the two said his food was the best and that he has just made some fresh pasta (is’a tha bes pasta you eva tase). He offered to drop some off but we declined saying we had no cooking facilities. He then insisted on preparing some cooked sauce as well and delivering it later in the week. Watch this space.