Season of mists......1

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Fri 14 Sep 2018 12:04
image1.jpegDay started and ended with mist. Colour photo! 
Metal window frames dripping with condensation-not had this for over 2 years. 
Uber to Portsmouth-our driver,  a delightful lady from Glasgow of all places. 
Dropped us in centre, in historical Market Place.  
Lots of charm, lovely shops and brick and clapboard buildings
Settled in 1623, Portsmouth claims to be the nation’s third-oldest city. A focal point on the Eastern seaboard until the late 1800s when rail travel took over from shipping. 
Couldn’t resist popping into Fat Face. Good move, charming young man recommended Poco’s, our final stop, coincided with happy hour and half price drinks and appetisers. When will we remember the size of portions!
10 minute video at Discover Portsmouth inspired visit to Strawberry Banke, named after the wild strawberries growing in the area, the oldest neighbourhood in New Hampshire to be settled by Europeans, and the earliest neighbourhood remaining in the present-day city of Portsmouth.
38 historic buildings, some with costumed role-players recounting tales of those who lived there. Cookery demos and weaving too.