An unplanned haul out

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Thu 27 Sep 2018 17:00
Brewer South Freeport Marine
Scot Free III is unexpectedly on the hard, and all the jobs preparing her for winter have begun. Prop off. Sails off. Oil change. Winterising engine etc etc. 
Not far to the ground. 
The facilities are  in a dedicated building, a stone’s throw away. Laundry and showers downstairs  with lounge, tv, kitchen/dining area, reading area plus window seat, plus computer desks and amazing WiFi upstairs. Certainly the best we’ve ever encountered. 
Struck lucky! 
Bowled over by the number of people offering their hospitality- guest suites, whole houses, invitations to supper etc etc. People are so generous. 
Going to become landlubbers and “leaf peepers “ - those who come to Maine to see the changing foliage it’s beginning to turn already and by the time we leave on 22nd, we should experience  some spectacular colours. 
Blog on hold until we return in the spring. 
Happy Christmas!