Death in Paradise has a lot to answer for.

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Mon 6 Feb 2017 17:00
25:00.3N 019:47.1W
Thankfully we have now managed to get both the wind and sea behind us. Up until now the seas have been quite high, at 2-3m and combined with wind which has been in excess of 20 kts but at right angles to the waves, we were pitching, rolling and very uncomfortable. Now the motion is what we hope for, for the rest of the trip, a gentle pitching motion.
That light hearted Agatha Christie rip-off was partly responsible for this trip, as we both fancied visiting the Guadeloupe beach-bar frequented by Chris Marshall in the series.
Still not quite in the "zone" yet so updates have been irregular. I will now try to post at least a position update, at 08:00 GMT each day.
Getting back into the watch system has been a challenge and we are both slightly zombie like. A bit like having jet lag or night shift working.
We have decided to adopt a ships-time, for watch changes, which will go back an hour each week whilst we are at sea. This will allow us to keep the watch system in-tune with the local daylight, as we sail west, plus, we will already be in the local time zone by the time we arrive. We started 3 days early in Tenerife and even managed to confuse ourselves with this first, one-hour change, wondering why the Supermarket was closing early. It was much easier going to Cape Verde, where there is only a one hours time difference.