No Carnival for us

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Tue 28 Feb 2017 09:22
14:15N 059:00W @ 09:00 GMT

Still some very big swell. Wind: ENE F5-6, F7 in prolonged gusts. Brief rain in squalls.
Have had to slow down a bit because we have now missed a daylight window to get into St. Lucia tomorrow. A nighttime entry is not safe here. We might be able to anchor off the beach, but there is no moon, so a bit risky if there are a lot of other boats, in the dark.

At dawn, yesterday, we got a call from a solo French sailor, who was only a mile away. We could see each other on AIS, but not eyeball, because of the big swell. We worked closer and had a longer radio chat. He had left the Canaries on exactly the same day as us, lives in Fyfe, is heading to Martinique and with his Scottish connection was curious about the boat name. We then drifted apart and he disappeared over the horizon.

I suppose we are all creatures of habit really. Most of the French are heading for Martinique, where they speak French and sell Croissant and Gauloise The Brits and Irish head for Antigua or St. Lucia where they speak English, and I'm sure we could even find Marmite and Twining's.

Martinique is a lovely island, apparently. A part of Europe set down in the Caribbean. So probably our next stop. We completely forgot that they celebrate carnival there, and in a lot of the other islands, this week, until today Shrove Tuesday, before Lent starts. That's what we get for being cautious!! We could easily have pressed on, a few days ago, and got here in time. How annoying!!