Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Wed 24 Jul 2019 19:07
Had a couple of days of rain and discovered we’ve become fair weather sailors! Stayed put with the good Wi-fi and followed proceedings in Downing Street! Perhaps we should have left?!
Did apply ourselves to various jobs which we’ve been putting off. Only one out of the three leaks was fixed, so the other two had to be done and then redone. Fingers and toes crossed!!The spring stay/hinge had to be taken apart and reseated. A tedious finicky job. All 3 sinks and surrounds cleaned and resealed too.
More glueing of the boots. Really think new ones are needed when home, before I resort to string.
Looking forward to tonight’s entertainment

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Bought a couple of local specialities. The brown maritime bread is delicious but didn’t make very good chicken sandwiches as sweetened with molasses! It did go well, however, with F’s two new preserves( he is well known for love of said produce) - apple pepper jam and bacon marmalade. Each to his own!