The pipes- water not bag

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Wed 15 Sep 2021 20:21
Wednesday was meant to be the end of Covid restrictions in Nova Scotia but, just like everywhere else, cases have been rising so it’s been pushed back a couple of weeks. Just have to remember a mask each time we go inside anywhere.
The dreaded second water tank was cleaned. This one even more difficult to access as have to contend with the table. Long arms required, so a job for F!

JPEG image

Antifreeze from 2 years ago flushed through the water system. Great news-no leaks and pump performed well. Milton deployed to sterilise pipes.
Thought we’d got off lightly with mould and mildew but most hoses under floorboards are black- another job for another day.
Now onto engine. Both aft cabins cleared and doors off for access. F checking engine management unit which failed after engine service. F managed to start the engine by ”hot wiring it with a screwdriver” not sure what that means but I’m sure I heard about it in a Guy Ritchie film, so it’s probably OK. Connectors, DIY test jig brought out but now believe unit has failed. Looks like a new, expensive unit will have to be used, bought on sale or return basis, in true Scot’s fashion. No room for A, so enjoying the warmth of the wrap in the cockpit.