Anchors Way-Hey!!!

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Wed 15 Nov 2017 14:00
15th Nov 17

Freeman's Bay (at anchor)
We still had the 4th anchor on-board, since we were in the Canaries. It's a lot of weight, we haven't used it since we bought the Spade and it clutters up the anchor locker. I tried hawking it around the charter companies: no luck (heard an amusing story though; about a charter customer who lost three anchors in a week. They also lost their deposit). After a few more calls I found Kwami who runs a dive company and was laying mooring chains in Nelson's Dockyard. He also sells "pre-loved sailing tat" and said he would come out and have a look. We were snorkelling when the PORT AUTHORITY launch (big letters on the side) arrived and started circling Scot Free. I shouted and they came over, it was Kwami, and he towed me back to Scot Free. The meerkats were having a field day they thought I'd been arrested. He had a look at the anchor, we agreed a price and off he went. Result!!!