R & R begins

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Thu 14 Oct 2021 21:37
Last bit of tidying and storing of laundry, ready to return galley items from motel tomorrow. 
Trip to chandlers in Sydney to check out life rafts. Discovered we’d been there before! and weren’t impressed then either. Did buy XL gauntlets for F and arm gaiters for A to put over her marigolds, ready for anti fouling next year. 
Had lunch in A Better Bite Café, situated in a stunning new Arts Centre. Revenue from A Better Bite supports Meals on Wheels. 

A wonderfully calm space with a multitude of plants and great coffee. 
Drove to Louisburg, site of The Fortress,  the location of a partial reconstruction of an 18th century French fortress. Viewed it from afar but drove to the lighthouse, site of the first one in Canada. The Lighthouse Trail gave us the chance to stretch our legs, barely 7000 steps but a record number in the last 5 weeks. 

Perfect time now for leaf peeping. Colours are incredibly vibrant. Looking forward to the Cabot Trail.