Saturday update

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Sat 1 Oct 2016 18:49
17:50.6N 24:13.4W

What a load of rubbish, that's what I get for writing diary entries on a sleep deprived, addled brain. Of course we couldn't have done 300 additional miles what we did was an extra 80 or so miles.
2/10 Must try harder with his sums.

The tuna was indeed delicious with salad and potatoes, boiled in sea water (just the potatoes, not the salad). Several times today we saw a shoal of flying fish leave the water together, to become a flock, and fly off in different directions, amazing. Must have been chased by something.

With just under 70 miles to go we will arrive in the dark if we continue at this speed. We really want to arrive in daylight as the CV navigation lights are notoriously unreliable and there are several unlit wrecks just below the surface which we'd rather like to avoid. So, the plan is to have shorter watches tonight and at the 01:00 hrs changeover; we will take down the large Cruising Chute and roll out one of our smaller sails to slow down enough to arrive in the channel, between the islands, at dawn.