Floating barista

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Sun 15 May 2022 22:35
Decided to fit original batteries until suitable lithium ones are sourced. Like many things, they seem to be in short supply. Charged using solar and the generator.
Had a heart stopping moment this afternoon when we tried out the coffee machine, which had been sitting idle for 2 1/2 years. Nothing. Cross with ourselves that we hadn’t brought out a new one with us. After all, there was space in F’s 50 year old Globetrotter suitcase which had the usual spare parts and a replacement bike wheel. However…….After various combinations of button presses, on, off and plug removal it sprang into life. Phew!!

JPEG image

Only downside- the cups are so cold down below, coffee was luke warm. Definitely not complaining though.
Waiting now for the “wrap man” to return from holiday to expose us to the elements again so she can begin to look like a boat again.