F’s been Tango’d

Scot Free III
Frank & Anne
Mon 26 Aug 2019 12:53
44:24.2N  64:12.59W Chester
- a pretty village on the Chester Peninsula, one of the wealthiest communities in the province. Many second homes/ mansions and a favourite amongst tourists, in particular Americans. Immaculate properties all around.  

It even has a theatre, The Chester Playhouse!

Has very pretty views over Front and Back Harbours. 

On a mooring at Chester Yacht Club, a significant venue in club racing. They hold Chester Sailing Week each year in August, made sure we didn’t get caught up in it. Booked Kayaks yesterday for this afternoon but had to postpone due to bad weather coming in. Hoping Tuesday morning will be better. 
Had to visit the oldest pub in Nova Scotia, The Fo’c’s’le, a real disappointment. No atmosphere and F’s “juicy” craft beer tasted like Tango! Think the waitress was right when she recommended it as a mixer with vodka!