A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 7 May 2012 14:10
SUNDAY  5th  MAY  2012
This morning was bright and sunny once again, but little or no wind,
We were all trying to adjust to the night sailing again, on , off sleeping patterns, and
of course that wonderfull 160hp Yanmar engine doing its job, prrrrrrr, prrrrrr,
Breckfast as usual consisted of cerial and yougerts, a cup of tea or coffee and that got everyone
into some kind of action,
We rescued the fishing rod from its sleeping quarters on the shelf in the stb. cabin and cast out
what we thought would be the best lure for the type of day thats in it, BUT, but, but, all we caught
all day was blooming sea weed,  drat that, sea weed,  We listened in vain to others boasting of good
09.00hrs,  Miles travelled ( most of it under engine ) 143 nm.   
               Distance to Destination                          713 nm
We spant the morning chatting, relaxing, and catching up with lost sleep,
The ACR magazine " Latitudes" is interesting reading, Its great to see the the amount of people
that set off on sailing trips around the globe and enjoying the whole experience.
Lunch by skipper consisted of :-   Avacado & prawns on toast, Celery & carrot sticks with
avacado spicy dip, cheese dip, and other dips, plus Coke & water and of course Sun Tan Cream,
We had emails from :-  Rom ( skippers brother ) who always sends humerous messages,
                                  Sarah ( our daughter) who is about to have child,
                                  Arnaud Disant ( Sea Tech ) out I.T. and weather routing advisor,
The afternoon brought more relaxing, sun bathing, chatting coffee, water, water, water, and lots of showers
to cool off, the mechanical type,
Skipper / chef prepared a roast honey glazed Salmon dish with Scollops & crispy bacon, plus risotto rice and
sun dried tomatoes cooked in white wine chicken stock, It took for ever but tasted just great in the end,
nothing left , not even a crumb for the hungry fish under the boat,
Denis removed the BVI flag and the big ARC flag ( which we will re set when we get to Bermuda )
Denis & Vera are well used to the sea having delivered boats all over europe , plus having sailed
from the Artic to the Antartic,
Tom & Linda have their own sail boat back in N.Y.   Tom is used to long sea passages, but this is a first
for Linda , who is enjoying the flat conditions, but like the rest of us, miss the sailing,
As darkness fell, the setting sun gave us one of those rare " Green Flash" experiences as it sank
into the horizon, this time the green seemed to hover on the edge just for a couple of seconds, we never
witnessed that before,
Night watches :--            21.00hrs ----  00.00hrs    Tom & Linda
                                    00.00hrs ----- 03.00hrs     Skipper & Aileen
                                    03.00hrs  ---  06.00hrs     Denis & Vera
00.00hrs  :----      Trip so far,               259 miles,    
                          Dist to Destination   606 miles
Thats it for today
Signed :-    Stephen Hyde  ( Skipper )