Sailing around the World ( presently in Darwin )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 25 Aug 2010 22:59
TUESDAY   24th    AUGUST  2010
07.10hrs  all out of the scratchers, not feeling great, and knowing that we are well behind schedule for getting to the
dock gates for the marina,  We understand that the marina is like an enclosed marina, and it is located well up the Creek beyond Darwin itself.
07.30 Hrs , we hauled the anchor ( which was well embedded in solid mud ) and motored south past the City, the blooming tide was ebbing at 3 knots, so progress was afull slow, When we arrived at Frances Bay, we were too late , the level in the river had fallen too far and we could go no further, so we tied ourselves onto a yellow mooring bouy straight across from this commercial port dock.and had to remain there untill 15.00hrs
when the water  levels would be ok again.
We spent the morning, chatting, and reading, and a little sunburning was always available.
later on, we had a visit from one of our neighbours who was enquiring about our flag. so we invited himself and his girlfriend onboard
for a coffee. ( Marcus & Cathy )  Marcus is from Belgium and Cathy is Chilian originally, but she and her parents moved to the south
of Sweedan many years ago .
Marcus only started sailing 4 years ago,             Bored with his job, he looked around for something else to do, and decided to sail around the World.
Grab this,,,,,  He bought an " Oyster " an oyster 395 called " Marionette"   Skipper remembered the boat very well,  He often raced
 against her in the late 1980's on " Heatwave"  another oyster 395, belong to Pat Hegarty...  They were a one design fleet of yachts and very fast boats,
I keep saying how small the world is .To think that after all the years we wind up being moored beside her on the other side of the world.
Skipper did not recognise her as she is now painted White,  Originally all the " Marionette's" were red with the name painted all along
the sides in white. very , very distinctive..
15.00hrs  We slipped the moorings and motored up the river to the lock gates. which were open , so we gently edged  " A Lady through a fairly narrow gate and into the lock basin, 20 minutes later, we were in the marina complex..
This complex was impressive, it held approx 100 boats, and is surrounded with an upmarket residential development. shops, restaurants and pubs,
all very tasty stuff. and security was very high on the list....  yeah, we will be happy here for the few days.
Interesting thing,  there are a lot of sailors here that live permenantly on their boats, ( Familys and all ) and spend their time
sailing all the wonderfull places around here , including Bornio, Indonesia, New Guinea, Timor, Singapore, and of course all the pacific Islands.
Later , we had dinner in the local marina fish restaurant called " Christo's " just a mere 50 meters from the baot.
We all had "Fish and Chips", just like we used to get in KC's in Douglas, Cork.. yum, yum,  
A good night,
Much later, we hit the scratchers. and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Thats it for now.
Signed :- Stephen Hyde,  ( Skipper)