Sailing around the World ( presently at Sea between Darwin and Bali )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 5 Sep 2010 22:57
SUNDAY  5th  SEPTEMBER    2010
01.15hrs   The wind increased to 13  /  15 knots, so after 1.5 hrs motoring, we shut down the engine,
05.30hrs The wind was all over the place, and fell off again, so we motored for another 3 hours.
The Imray  book on cruising the Indian Ocean is a facinating book, and a must for anyone sailing in these waters,
Reading abput all the different places that people sail to ,is amazing,  Such places like :-  Singapore, Indonesia, ( where we are now going)
Malasia, Thailand, Burma, India, Maldives,Pakistan,Dubai, Oman,  and further south  :-Australia,  Christmas Island,  Coco,s Keeling,
Seychelles,  Rodrigues,  Maritius,  Reunion Island,  Madagascar,  Durban,  Capetown,  etc and many more,
Each country usually has hundreds of places to Visit, so  like the pacific Islands, one could ( and they do ) spend years sailing this part of the world alone.
10.15hrs,  We hauled up the KITE and Bobs your uncle, In 14knots of breeze, we were sailing along merrily at 6 knots, despite an adverse current.
Usually the day is spent catching up on sleep, reading etc, but this morning, we got out the high pressure hose
and washed down the boat, ( Its great now, as we can make 170L water per hour.)  A wash down will use about 250 L
in 15 minutes, so recovery is important.
Lunch was a salad, using cheese, and some of the pork left over since last night.
The weathar was great, and the breeze had increased to about 19  /  20 knots over our port quarter.
We had some great laughs about some of the people we have met on the trip, a high proportion of them having been married a few times,
Mary O'Rielly referred to the men in situations like these as :-  Recycled Men. or Second hand Men  ..  ( I presume that applies to women
also )  but women would not see it that way..  
That reminds us of Kevin Dwyer's comments about addressing a group of Women at a conference, and that such groups
were usually referred to as :- " M. B. A.'s "    ( Married , But Available )   We like that _expression_.. 
18.00hrs  Distance travelled  ..................................... 666miles
The wind was now blowing at 16  /  18 knots, but we were still sailing along at 6.5  /  7.5knots.
Dinner consisted of Lasagne, with some greens added for colour.
Night Watches :-    10  /  01  hrs  ...........................  Aileen
                             01  /  04  hrs...............................Stephen
                             04  /  07  hrs ,..............................Neill
Thats all for today,
Signed :-    Stephen Hyde     ( skipper )