" A LADY " Sailing around the World

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 13 Jun 2010 20:03
SUNDAY  13th  JUNE   2010      (  Presently in " Kenutu " )    Emily Hyde's birthday
08.00hrs  We tidied up the boat and gathered up all the washing and got ready to leave after a libhe breakfast.
As skipper had drawn sketches of our route into this Island and cross referring it with the chart reader, It really made
life very easy on our journey out of here.
We had already decided to spend the night in " Hunga " so we headed in that direction.
However , on route , we stopped at a small sandy Island wiyh lots of trees and surrounded with coral.
The Island was called "Fonuafo'ou "and had a total height of 24 feet
The Island was full of bird life, in fact, there were more birds here than any other place since we left the galapagos.
There were Red Footed Boobies, Swallow tailed  Terns, Brown Noddies, Black Noddies, Black- naped Terns, and lessor Frigate birds,
all nesting,,
Scotty  ( john Chesbruogh ) went into orbit again, He must have taken 200 or more photo's of the birds for his collection.
Later, we went snorkling, again this was spectacular,  like underwater cathedrals, and caves, fantastic fish and so on,
We spent 2 hours on this little oasis, relaxing and absorbing the whole scene,
It definatly ranks one of the best little spots we have visited since we started this journey..   10 out of 10
We rejoined the boat, where Fats had prepared a light lunch,
Fats did not go ashore, still recovering from his ordeal, he likes to take things easy, and we think that he is right .
17.00hrs,  We arrieved at " Hunga " , an Island on the western side of these wonderfull Islands,  the entrance was in througt a very narrow
opening in an otherwise sheer rock face,  " SPECTACULAR " , once inside, we had to negotiate our way through a shallow patch
of coral before finding deep water again,
Ohhhhhhh what a lagoon,   gosh!  we definatly are in second Heaven, if not in first heaven,,,
We picked up a mooring belonging to the resort, and of course we all , including " Fats " went ashore to the Resort for our
pre dinner scoops,  This was a quaint little place, and again the owner, " Steve Cambell" hailed from N Z and his ancestors came from
" Maguires Bridge " outside Belfast, and his granfather came from Donegal. 
We also met a bunch of sailors from Australia, who have done the Shannon River in Ireland on an " Emerald Star " motor cruiser,
we had a luugh with them.. gas people.
Dinner , was by Scotty,  pork chops in lovely gravy, orange and pinapple, how about that. and creamed spuds,
later, after some good laughs and swopping stories, we hit the scratchers,
A bloody great day,,  ( for the WA  Jolly good show )
Signed :-    Stephen Hyde      ( skipper )