" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the world and avoiding the shite at home. ( presently in the " Las Perlas Islands" Panama)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sat 6 Feb 2010 13:46
Grew :-  Stephen Hyde, Aileen Hyde, Fat's Mc Clement, & Kevin Dwyer..
07.00hrs And the Cock was still crowing, But unlike St.Peter ,we could not deny that we were in a lovely part of the World.
             We all went for the usual early swim off the back of the boat, Even the fat Man managed to jump off the cabin, How about that !
             We had a call from daughter " Leah" with some great news for them, Wonderfull,
             This improved the day from early on, so we raised the anchor and headed south 10 miles or so, to " Isla Espirito Santo"
             We had the company of dolphins nearly all the way, there must have been 60 of them at least. ( a sign of good luck)
12.00     We dropped anchor in a wonderfull site, It felt as if " Robinson Cruso " was just about to appear out of the trees
             We had some S.H . special egg salad sandwiches before going ashore in the rib for some exploration and a swim
             The water was much warmer here than " Isla Cantadora"
             There was a trimaran beached while the owners cleaned her down and gave her a coat of antifouling.
             We found lots of Oyster shells on the Beach, But then these Islands were famous for their Pearl's and hence the name " Las Perlas"
Aileen took Stephen for a trip around the adjoining small islands  in the Rib, The scenery would be difficult to describe, just so spectacular
and the Islands, small, tall and covered in trees
16.00hrs, We raised anchor again and off about 3 miles further south to " Isla Canas"
              The Skipper put on a slab of " Belly Pork " for the dinner tonight, plus getting ready all the raost spuds, etc.
              Cooking time , 4 hrs at least.
Poor old Kevin is still in mourning over his phone, But Aileen has assured her prayers will eventually work, and so will the phone.
We had a long long email from Michelle, describing "NANNA  COGHLAN's "  90th birthday party last weekend in Killarney,
Unfortunatly we could not attend as flying home from the Pacific was not an option,
Nanna, being Aileens mother,
After Dinner we watched the laqst of the R.A F.  D V D and hit the scratcher early
This heat would make you tired .
Signed ...........Steohen Hyde..........Skipper