" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the World, with the World ARC

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 11 May 2010 18:05
MONDAY  10th   MAY  2010     (  presently about to leave Tahiti for Raiatea and the Pearl Regatta )
Donal and Skipper got out of the bunks early, as we had a lot to do before leaving,
It was nice and cool around 06.00hrs,
We checked the boat over, admired her from the quay wall, must say, " the Holy Mary blue antifouling " is a bit..........we dunno
07.30hrs  Laurent, the shipping agent, came on board to let us know that " NautiSport" ( the Raymarine agents in Tahiti) had got the
part for our Chart Plotter, except, they ordered the wrong part.   God , what arseholes......bloody hell , what next !
Eventually, it was agreed that they would order the right part from Australia straight away and have it by the end of the week
and bring it out to Bora Bora and fit it to the boat. thats the only option really.
So now its time to fill up the boat with diesel and get under way.
We left go our lines to the quay wall, and hauled our anchor, except, murphys law struck again, we had another anchor chain wrapped around
our anchor, so we had to call port authorities to come and help free the chains,  what a dose, Fats nearly lost his life, as well as a stone or two.
Eventually after a half hour, we were free and headed over to the fuel dock,
this was a simple task in comparison, and took on board 1000L of fuel, adding all the cleaners you could think of, to the diesel.
When we finished the diesel, we hauled the rib up on the derricks, and walla,  the repared STB derrick worked brilliantly... oh the relief.
We got under way, and passed down inside the reef and passed the Airport on our starboard side.
Another beautifull day  with hundreds of people out paddling their canoe's, some canoe's were 8 man boats and some even had mixed crews.
wonderfull sight to see so much use of water facilities. not to mention divers, sailors, speed boats, skiing, etc,etc.
By midday, we passed out the harbour entrance and had a distance of  120miles to " Raiatea "
                                                                                      Wind,           12  /  14 knots  ENE  on the stb quarter
                                                                                       Weather,       excellent,  no clouds,
                                                                                        Sea state,     Flat
                                                                                         Current,        + 1 knot
Later we had an egg salad lunch, prepared by Fats,  very welcome at this stage..
We then polished some of the SS fittings, and skipper had to tighten up the water filters as they had a slight leak,
boats, thats boats , never a dull moment, even in this wonderfull part of the world,
Dinner was a simple affair, Bangers and Mash, plus baked beans, prepared by skipper.. just lovely simple food.
No drink.. we are at sea,
We discussed the results of the british elections for ages, and the fact that Peter Robinson lost his seat,  real trauma in N.I.
The wind went aft, so we goosewinged for a while in lovely conditions,
then the wind dropped to 6 knots , so we started the engine and motored at 1600 rev's and doing 6.5 knots, nice and easy.
we did not want to arrive in the dark, and now with less nav. gear than ever before.
Night watches  :-       Skipper....................20.30hrs     /        01.00hrs
                                Fats.........................01.00hrs    /        05.00hrs
                                Skipper.....................05.oohrs    /      
thats it  for today...
Signed  :-      Stephen  Hyde,     ( Skipper )