A Lady Trip , Sailing around the World, Presently in Fiji.

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sat 19 Jun 2010 03:19
FRIDAY  18th JUNE   2010      ( presently in Fiji )
We had trouble with our on board computer, so the blog took a bit of a dive for a while, and nothing was sent to the " World ARC " site
as the address was nicely parked in the ships computer which we could not open..
08.00hrs   The torrential rain had ceased, but it was still a dull morning with little or no wind, Our two American friends arrived (  Crazy Horse & Ocean Jasper )
Great to see them again.
We relaxed for a while on board,  it turned out that 5" of rain fell yesterday . but now with the sun trying desperatly hard to shine, we can
hear the local Police band playing great brass music as they marched up the street.( Today is a national day against crime )
We think this is in celebration of a crime free country...     ( not just like at home)
10.00hrs  The Skipper was doing his head in,  trying to figure out how to use the laptop properly and do his emails and the bolg and then send them all on Wifi.
This is simple stuff for the kids,   but for us oldies...   ohhhhhhhhhhhh my gawd  , its like climbing a mountain...carrying " A  Lady " on my back.
Donal went ashore and did some scouting around, while the girls had already taken off on a tour of the Island on the local bus,, its gas
and great to see how women work,, all go, morning , noon  & night, and usually driving the fella,s along as well,  Its no wonder men die younger,
being shoved and pushed around all the time,,  ( and of course its done so subtly, the men never know untill its too late, and they have a one way
ticket to an underground station.)
John has gone to investigate the local national Park, as a twitcher, this is a paradise for him..................
Meanwhile, Skipper after 3 hours typing blogs and selecting which photo,s to send to the blog site,  pressed send,  this was all being done on his gmail
on WiFi,,    He really still does not understands how all this works, but  PRESS  GO  anyway and see what happens,
Well, Wednesdays Blog got off,  Thursdays blog got feckin lost somewhere in outer space, and the photo,s were returned by mailasail,  Too BIG
shit !   Ahhhhhhh  TTwould turn a Saint to DRINK.......but then the skipper is no Saint, so that wont work here.
Isint that just a BITCH........Ahhhhhhh again ...
TAKE  A  REST .... 
13.45hrs   along came Donal , just at the right time, and invited the skipper to lunch in a lovely timber leantoo restaurant across the road. 
The food was great and the equivelant of 5 euros each including 4 beers, represented great value, 
The service waqs painfully slow, but then we were in no rush, and we met a few other sailors, who were all from different parts of the world, and 
made for great chatting ..... 
15 00hrs   John returned to the boat, where he and skipper set about trying to identify the problem with the on baord computer , this did not take too long 
the smaller of the inverters, which services the TV's and the Computers had died , R.I.P ,,   well blast . so we then set about rewiring the system 
and after about 2.5hrs , we had lift off. and walla, the computer was back on line again.
  We wired it directly to the main invertor. and that should work ok. 
17.00hrs We all scrambled ashore to the Y.C.  all of 30feet away for the happy hour, we had a good laugh with other ARC sailors  and of course 
we had to describe the " Typhoon" conditions we had on our arrival to Fiji . Using " Fats "  saying,   B CUBED ,  ( bullshit baffles brains ) 
Later we had pizza,s in the marina cafe, and again great vaule and great food,, so big that no one could finish them. 
10.30, We  skyped Stefan on the Laptop. TThis was a major achivemant, a video link,  Modern technology is great, all we have to do is 
understand how it all blooming works. and then we will be away on a hack. 
23.30hrs, We hit the scratchers,   A good enough day,  
Thats it for now.  
Signed :-       Stephen  Hyde,   ( Skipper )