" A LADY TRIP" Sailing around the World and avoiding the shite at Home ( presently in the Galapagos Islands)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 3 Mar 2010 14:12
TUESDAY 2nd March  2010
06.00hrs  opened the eyes to find we are still on board the " Yate Fragata"in our 8' x 8' expensive cabin.
There is a visit to the " Gemelos" in the center of Santa Cruz, but the skipper has already decided he is not going on this one.
He is totally wrecked from all the go,go,go, every minute of every day, and besides , the weather is crap.
07..00hrs  breckfast on board, mostly fruit, with a half omlette to follow.
07.30hrs The Crew of " Fragata" drop the skipper back to the lovely " A  Lady" before taking the rest of the passangers ashore for the tour.
Bloody weather, We can get this crap at home, except it would be very much colder, but then there would be no Mossies either,
eating the friggin ankles off .
08.30hrs  the skipper is alone on "A  Lady" as Fat's and Kevin have gone on a one day tour as well to " Floreana",
There are lots of emails and the Blog to deal with, so lets get that out of the way now.
12.30hrs All the typing and messages are complete and Aileen has arrieved back in town,
It seems her trip was only so so, the weather was very poor and everywhere was muddy , and the visability was terrible.
By the way, Kevin and Fat's did not fair out any better, Where they went was all mud too, with lots of people slipping and falling
and even one camera got destroyed, ( we have to assume that this is exceptional )
14.30hrs The skipper went ashore and met up with Aileen, enjoyed a pizza and then did the town, bought nothing .
17.00hrs S & A went back to " A  Lady" and met the other two, who had just arrieved back from their tour,
We all got dolled up for our Dinner ashore with all the other crews from the World ARC boats.
The dinner was a great success, and we must say that the 5 day tour made us lots of friends and everyone got to know each other much better.
by the way, If you are ever thinking of doing this trip, or travelling to the Galapagos some other way, Do Not prebook the tours or 5 day trips,
much better value can be had on arrival at the Islands.
23.00hrs We all rolled back to A Lady  and had an earlyish night.zzzzzzz
Signed :- Stephen Hyde   ( skipper )