" A LADY TRIP " AROUND THE WORLD. and avoiding the recession,

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 22 Dec 2009 22:55
THURSDAY 17th December 2009
Got up to a lovely morning in MARIGOT BAY, sun shining delightfully in the sky , but lots of water everywhere, the rib was almost full to the brim
from all the rain that fell during the night. bailing the rib took time and energy.( we could have used some of POPEYE's  spinage )
We went ashore once the rib was dry and got some provisions in the little local supermarket, the stock in this little place was excellent with a lot of unusual food , not available anywhere else. but then we discovered that the owner was french,  so then it all seemed to fit......
Later on while having a coffee, we met a DUTCH couple and their two kids, they were very chatty and it turned out the wife " MATHILDE " is an Architect.
so the conversation went for ages and ages, TOPIC'S  of course, the economy and how it was effecting them,      politics in Architecture,   
and naturally ,we are so imaginative and wonderfull people.. ARCHITECTS  ....... there should be lots more of them and they should controll everything...
Ahhhhhhh,, sure it was all so wonderfull while it lasted..
Aileen got her hair done and had a massage as well,
Back on board , Aileen caught up on the washing ( in the machine ). The skipper tidied up all the bunting and put it all away  for another time.
 We then reread ROM'S account of HELEN LEAHY when she was on a trip to MUMBAI in India in the last year or so.
HELEN was our neighbour growing up and now lives in Canada.
HELEN and her three friends on arrival back to their Hotel in MUMBAI after attending a Yoga conference, went to the bar for a night cap,
Next thing, A GUNMAN burst into the room and shot up the place, to make a long storey short, HELENS room mate , along with about 270 others
were killed that night in the hotel , and as far as the Skipper can make out is,       ONLY HELEN and two of her friends survived the MASSACURE
We can recall the occasion , but little did we think we knew anyone there,  Small World...
Later we had dinner on board ,and then went ashore again for a night cap in " DooLittles "
We met the owner "DAVE" and the skipper recalled with him the time about 8 years ago when we sailed in to Marigot bay in a chartered yacht
and the fecker ( Dave ) nearly poisened the Boss with some Mooonshine he had stashed away under the counter.
All I remember was being lifted onto the boat and put to bed, it took 3 days to shake off the effects
We watched  a D.V.D later , which had great reviews, but we both thought it was dull and boring,
FRIDAY 18th December 2009
08.00 Skipper went for a refreshing swim off the stern of A LADY ,
Slow morning, enjoying the whole scene
 13.00 we had lunch at " DooLittles " and bumped into the crew of SARABI , one of the other " OYSTER 56 'S "
long discussion from recessions to sailing away from it all......................
16.00 we sailed out of Marigot Bay and went to SOUFRIERE bay, Actually we tied to a mooring in between the PITITON'S ..
they are like tho mountains shooting up out of the sea into the sky, and boy , did the wind blow down from them,, 35/40 knots all night
but no sea running as we were so close to the land,
We went ashore later and had a meal in the  " HILTON'S " beach restaurant, excellent,
We left the aft deck light on while we were ashore, so when we arrieved back to the ship we found her surrounded with millions of FISH
which were attracted by the strong light. we refused to fish.......
early bunk ..zzzzzz