" A LADY" TRIP AROUND THE WORLD ( presently in Mustique, Caribbean )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 1 Jan 2010 18:00
THURSDAY 31st December 2009           New Years Eve
The day began bright and early in P.S V. , having had an early night last night.
The skipper sent some messages and the blog, while the rest went for a constitutional swim.
10.30  We lifted anchor and sailed out of P.S.V.  and travelled the short couple of miles to " PALM ISLAND"  This is another american owned private resort
and also very expensive and exclusive. These resorts are all pritty much the same, a bit like the Irish owned SANDY LANE in Barbados.
We stopped at PALM ISLAND for a few hours while the gang went ashore to survey the place and have another swim.
12.30  We sailed out of Palm Island and headed to MUSTIQUE , where we had dinner booked for tonight, A special new year dinner packege
in the FIREFLY restaurant,,   The passage was bumpy as the wind was on the nose and blowing 30knots
16.00 we arrieved in Mustique and spent some time looking for a spot to anchor as the place was jammed with Boats of all descriptions,
At least 25% were super yachts, and they looked splendid. ( as we did ourselves )
We eventually had to anchor in 25m of water, using 70m of chain. and settled down nicely after a while.
19.00 We all went ashore in the rib and headed up to the FIREFLY, ( a place S. & A. visited 10 years ago ) where we met the owner,
an english man who was there all those years ago.. very plesent guy, Aileen could remember that his father worked in the british diplomatic
core, and he spent a lot of his time abroad as a child,
The restaurant overlooked the bay and all the yachts , most of which had spreader and mast lights on , and the whole thing looked spectacular.
23.00 we went to the waterside bar to join the celebrations for the NEW YEAR , they had a great band and everyone for miles around must have been there, fantastic, we even met other irish people, ( they just get everywhere )
00.00  We said good bye to a shit 2009 and welcomed in a possible better 2010. lots of noise and some fireworks to boot.
Late night ,,